Habits that Spoil your Teeth

Posted on August 11, 2017

Some habits we develop during our growing years and even later can damage our teeth and gums.

Sucking on Ice

Ice touching teeth causes a sudden change in temperature on the outside of the tooth, while the inside of the tooth remains at normal temperature. This can lead to chipping or cracking of teeth. Sensitivity can follow. Toothache is a definite possibility.

Not wearing a Mouth guard


Always wear a mouth guard when playing any contact sports. Boxers commonly wear it. This is a plastic mould worn on the upper teeth, and sometimes on both the jaws. It protects your teeth from getting damaged. Sports shops sell these. You can also get one made by your dentist.

Bedtime Feeds

Putting a baby to sleep with a bottle of juice or milk will bathe the teeth with sugar the entire night, leading to tooth decay.

Tongue Piercing

The metal stud can damage teeth. They also create a trap for bacteria and can lead to infections.

Grinding Teeth

This causes wear of teeth. It has been attributed to stress, anxiety, etc. Grinding generally occurs during deep sleep. Wearing a mouth-guard during sleep will prevent damage to the teeth.

Cough Drops and Breath Mints

Make sure you brush your teeth after sucking on a cough drop or mint. The sugar in these can lead to tooth decay. The bacteria in plaque (coating on your teeth) converts the sugar into acid, which can eat away your teeth and cause cavities.

Soft Drinks

These contain a lot of sugar and acids. This potent combination can dissolve the tooth enamel, leading to decay.

Opening Bottles with Teeth

This may be convenient but can chip or crack teeth.

Chewing Pencils or Pens

This can also lead to chipping or cracking of teeth.

Tobacco use

Smoking or chewing tobacco can burn the inside of the mouth and gums, leading to gums disease and ulcers. Cancer of the mouth is also very common.

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