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Back Pain Relief in 5 Easy Steps

Back Pain Relief in 5 Easy Steps | Ssd Hospital

Back pain is quite a common condition that everybody faces at some point in their life. For some cases, it could be acute pain caused due to strain in muscle or ligament. While it could be chronic (lasting for more than three months) for older people and others. But whatever your case might be, back pain is really frustrating and may limit yourself to continuing your daily routine.

Fortunately, there are a lot of things you can do to help ease your back pain. In this post, you’ll learn about 5 easy ways to relieve your back pain and get back to feeling better.

Some Common Causes of Back Pain

Back pain problems are usually age-related. However, it can also result in young individuals due to their lifestyle or a prior injury.

Let’s look at different factors that cause back pain issues in people:

One of the common causes of back pain is from strain, tension, or an injury. People involved with activities such as lifting excessive weights, involuntary movement, etc. tend to face acute back pain that may grow to become chronic if not taken seriously.

People involved with injuries, fractures, or falls may experience subacute back pain that typically lasts for around 4 to 12 weeks.

There are various structural concerns that lead to back pain issues. Some of these are listed below:

There are other structural problems such as abnormal spine curvature, osteoporosis, etc. that cause back pain.

Adopting a hunched posture when sitting or lying can result in increased pain in the back and shoulders. In modern day jobs, individuals have to sit continuously for 8 to 9 hours in front of computers, which is the main reason for such back pain problems.

People also experience back pain from everyday activities such as:

There are other medical conditions that lead to back pain. It could be due to infection or cancer in the spinal cord, sleep disorders, shingles, etc. For such issues, doctors usually prescribe medications along with some mild exercises that help the patients.

Now that we have listed the causes, it’s time to dive deeper into the solution. We have discussed some easy steps that help in relieving your back pain.

Here are 5 easy ways that will help you with back pain relief. All of these steps have been tried and experimented over the years successfully. We recommend you to give them a try and let us know what works best for you.

1. Improve your posture and sitting habits

As per a study, poor body posture is commonly related to non-specific low back pain (NSLBP). Therefore, it’s in your best interest that you should pay attention to the muscles and joints of your hips and spine.

Implementing good posture habits in your daily activities can help in relieving your back pain. These everyday activities could range from cleaning your house to sitting in front of your computer during office hours.

You can easily avoid putting too much fatigue and stress on your joints by following a few tips:


If you start facing back pain at any point, consider taking your mind off by listening to some soothing music, reading a book or anything you like.

2. Exercise your core muscles

Although it may seem foolish to exercise when your back hurts like anything, the right muscle movement can help alleviate your pain. Staying active and keeping your muscles around the spine strong is important for back pain relief. For that, gentle exercise and yoga play a crucial role.

Regular exercises lead to less frequent episodes of back pain. If you’re trying to exercise after a long gap or for the first time, start off gently and gradually increase the amount of exercise day by day. You should always pick those exercises that are effective and you enjoy doing them.

There are tons of exercises that have proven to be helpful:

Always remember to check and adjust your posture when doing these exercises. It’ll help reduce the possibility of any fatigue.

3. Use ice and heat therapy

Another effective method to get relief from back pain is ice and heat therapy. Using ice and heated packs can help reduce swelling and soothe your back pain. This technique can help alleviate certain varieties of aches persisting in your back. If you experience sustained lower back pain from an injury such as a fall or accident, then ice and heat therapy is a perfect solution.

Using cold or ice packs helps in reducing the swelling and inflammation in muscles. Cold has a numbing effect for sharp and sudden back pain. There are a variety of special pain relief packs available in stores, or a bag of ice will also do the job for you. If you’re using a bag of ice, make sure to cover it with a towel when applying – it’ll help protect your skin from frostbite. Ensure to apply ice packs for at least 20 minutes in a relaxing position.

A heat pad helps to provide a soothing effect on an achy back. It increases the flow of blood to the affected area. But be careful when using these heat pads and must follow the instructions to avoid burns and rashness from it. If you don’t have a heat pad, you can use a hot water bottle or try taking warm baths – it’ll surely help your muscles relax.

If your back pain is acute, you should apply cold packs and then the heated pads. However, if you’re experiencing sub-acute or chronic pain, apply mild heat continuously for about half an hour.

4. Get enough sleep

Difficulty in falling asleep or getting enough sleep is quite common in people with back pain. These disturbances in your sleep may actually worsen the inflammation and pain in your back. A night of enough restorative sleep has effective healing benefits and helps you to feel refreshed and rejuvenated.

Here are some tips to fall asleep faster and better:

5. Consume anti-inflammatory foods

According to a study published in 2020, people experiencing chronic back pain have a diet low in dairy products, whole grains and fruits. Instead, their diets were high in processed foods, trans fats and refined sugars. These foods are highly inflammatory and should be avoided even when you don’t have back pain.

Consuming anti-inflammatory foods builds up antioxidants in your blood that play a significant role in reducing inflammatory reactions in your body. Following this diet will surely help alleviate your back pain. If you’re overweight, consider changing your diet and doing regular exercises to lose your weight. It’ll help put off extra strain on your spine.

Here are some anti-inflammatory foods that you can include in your diet:

Overall, we recommend you to eat a well-balanced and healthy diet that is low in saturated fats, salt and sugar. You can start with eating a good amount of fruits and vegetables with plenty of water intake. Start taking care of your diet and you’ll notice the changes!

Follow These 5 Easy Tips and Get Relief from Back Pain

Back pain is a common problem that people face which limits them to perform their daily routine. But you should not limit yourself! Following these 5 ways can surely get you some relief from your back pain. So, give these pain-relieving strategies a try and see what works for your back pain.

However, these conditions are different for everybody. There is a certain possibility that some severe pain cannot be treated by self-care. In such cases, you should contact a specialized health care professional for an accurate diagnosis and treatment. At Sai Snehdeep Hospital, we have professionals who specialize in back pain and palliative care. We carefully diagnose your condition and give you a treatment plan accordingly. We take great pride in making our community healthy and achieving better health. If you’re suffering from back pain, contact us at:

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