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Diagnostic Imaging

The technology of diagnostic health imaging has completely transformed the healthcare industry. It allows the early diagnosis of several medical conditions by reducing the requirement of different exploratory processes and creating the best treatment outcomes for patients. 

Diagnostic imaging lets medical professionals view your body from inside that assists them to find any indications of a health condition. Many of these imaging tests are easy, painless and noninvasive. Some of these diagnostic imaging tests and machines can produce pictures and structures inside your body.

Here is a list of digital imaging services available at Sai Snehdeep Hospital:

It uses a combination of magnetic field and radio waves (instead of radiation) to examine blood vessels and find out abnormalities.

Bone density scans use low light X-rays to measure the minerals and calcium packed into bone segments in your forearms, hips and lower back.

Also referred to as sonography, it is a safe imaging method that uses high-frequency sound waves ​​to generate images of the interior part of your body.

Also referred to Computed Axial Tomography (CAT) scan, it combines X-rays and computer scans to produce images of your body.

MRI scans use a combination of powerful magnets to get images of the body’s interior. These are used to diagnose a variety of medical conditions, from torn ligaments to detection of tumours.

It uses high-energy beams that are safe for your bones and tissues to produce images of your body’s interior, allowing doctors to see any injury to your bones.

It is a low-dose X-ray that produces images inside the tissues of your breasts to find any abnormalities. Mammograms are quite helpful in early detecting breast cancer.

Sai Snehdeep Hospital is equipped with modern diagnostic imaging equipment at affordable prices. Contact us over the phone or book an appointment.