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Emergency Care

Sudden injury or illness occurs without any signs and warnings. It may not appear as life-threatening, but it surely just cannot wait the next day. Therefore, Sai Snehdeep Hospital provides you with easy access to quality healthcare services at cheap prices. Our medical professionals have trained expertise and are committed towards providing personalized care for your condition.

For emergency care, we follow procedures so that you can get the required care as quickly as possible. Here are the 5 steps we follow to provide emergency care:


1. Examination

The first step determines the severity of your condition. Depending on the severity, an emergency registered nurse may start the diagnostic testing as early as possible for the medical treatment. 

2. Registration

The registration process is crucial because of the two reasons: it allows the staff to obtain information about the patient and get your consent to start the treatment. In some severe cases, specialists can conduct bedside patient registration.

3. Treatment

Every patient who comes to the Emergency Department at SSD Hospital receives treatment from an attending physician or trained practitioner. Depending on your condition, a nurse can start an intravenous (IV) line and the treatment starts based on different tests as required.

4. Re-evaluation

Our professionals re-evaluate your condition and make sure that you are comfortable. They will keep you on observation for some time based on your condition.

5. Discharge

Our job is to keep you healthy after you have left the ED. All the patients will receive instructions from our specialist that have to be followed after the patients get discharged.

Sai Snehdeep Hospital has trained ED staff and infrastructure that provides on-time care and treatment. You can walk in any time or call us if you need emergency care.