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Critical Care Medicine

Our critical care medicine at Sai Snehdeep Hospital provides extensive care to people who suffer from life-threatening injuries and illnesses. We have advanced intensive care units (ICU) which are well-handled by trained health care providers. We offer specialized treatments with equipments to constantly monitor your health and help you recover faster. 

Our department of critical care medicine at SSD Hospital is well-known for its clinical excellence as well as providing multidisciplinary and professional care to the patients we serve. 

We offer a wide range of critical care medicine for anyone who suffers:

We also offer 24×7 emergency care services and help the patients recover faster. 

Critical Care Medicine: Treatments and Therapies

Here are some of our state-of-the-art medical equipments used to provide critical care:

We provide round the clock support to our critical patients by taking care of all their needs and giving personalized care to them. In some serious and critical cases, we also provide support related to sensitive issues like end-of-life decisions, estimating prognosis and counselling of patients and their families.