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Sai Snehdeep Hospital’s department of Nephrology provides comprehensive care services, including diagnosis and treatment of medical condition related to kidneys and hypertension disorders. Our medical professionals collectively work together to control symptoms that negatively affects your health by focussing on the treatment of such conditions.

We have a variety of services that we offer to our patients including chronic kidney disease management, transplantation, hypertension management, anaemia management, dialysis assistance, and more. We provide round the clock support to our patients to treat your condition and help you recover faster.

Nephrological Conditions We Treat

These are the nephrological conditions we treat:

If you face any type of such issues, our experienced nephrologists are here to help you and your loved one get through such renal disease complication and assist you to retain a healthy kidney functions for as long as possible.

So why wait for long? The best nephrologist is near you – Book an appointment and consult with us today.