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Neurological conditions can affect the basic bodily functions of your brain, nervous system and spinal cord. The medical professionals recommend you the treatment based on your condition after you get diagnosed. You should not delay any of the neurological conditions you’re suffering from. The sooner you get it diagnosed and start the treatment process, it’s more likely to be resolved early. 

SSD Hospital’s Neurological and Neurosurgical Care 

We have neurophysicians who cover the complete 360-degree view of your neurological issues, ranging from headache to brain tumours. Our neurologists and neurosurgeons have a tremendous amount of experience in providing the diagnosis and treatment options for a full range of neurologic diseases and disorders.

Here is a list of conditions that our neurologists and neurosurgeons treat:

Sai Snehdeep Hospital has all the latest and advanced techniques in taking care of your brain and spine disorders. Our team works in tandem with you to help you make decisions right from your very first appointment. Feel free to walk in or book an appointment with our neurologist today.